Akashic records reader & Healer. Spiritual mentor.

founder of earth school community.

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Welcome, Beautiful Soul!

I'm Sirona, and I'm so glad you're here.

I'm here to guide you as you transform your trauma, clear your energetic blocks, and discover how to follow your passion to fulfill your purpose.

Self-Love, truth, and freedom

are YOUR birthright!

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My story is the kind that makes people say "I just don't know how you did it."

I walked this difficult road because it was the journey I chose...before I incarnated on the planet.

It was a journey to self-love & discovery.

That's why I'm here to help YOU learn how to love yourself, and live a life of freedom & joy!

It begins the moment you say yes to yourself.


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Megan C. Says:

"Communicating with Sirona is almost telepathic, which is the reason I decided to get an Akashic Records reading from her. I was looking for some guidance moving forward with my online business. With ease and grace Sirona shared messages with me that set many good things in motion following the reading. I am extremely grateful for Sirona’s ability to relay messages of importance. Sirona brings light that allowed for complete integration of what felt like prophetic revelations."

Laura A. Says:

"I wanted a reading because I was in need of some guidance. I was curious about the Akashic Records and hoping it could help answer some of the questions I had. Sirona gave and in depth reading that was incredibly insightful & thorough. I would definitely recommend a reading with Sirona."

Mary A. Says:

"Before my Akashic Records reading, I was feeling sad about my situation with my boyfriend at the time. I needed answers from Spirit. I felt like there was a Spiritual blockage and prayers weren't getting me the answers that I needed. After the reading, I felt confident in my abilities to make better choices for myself. I gained a sense of renewed strength to not give up on my dream of having my divine partner. This reading helped me heal."

Shaman Stephanie says:

"I had such a powerful session with Sirona. It removed blocks on my journey that were weighing me down and brought me clarity and healing. I will be booking again."

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