Akashic records reader & Healer. Spiritual mentor.

founder of earth school community.

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Welcome, Beautiful Soul!

I'm Sirona, and I'm so glad you're here.

If you've found me, maybe it's because you're ​seeking Spiritual guidance, quantum Healing, or ​an Akashic Records Reading.

Perhaps you're wondering if I can help you ​transform from being the victim to the Leader in ​your life - just like I did.

No matter what it is that brought you, you're ​here on this VERY page for a reason!

I'm here to offer support on a

multi-dimensional level that will

take you from trauma to healing and ​freedom - and fast!

Self-Love, Truth, Freedom & Justice

are YOUR birthright!

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Sirona's Story

My story is the kind that makes people say "I just ​don't know how you did it."

I did it because it was the journey I chose...before ​I incarnated on the planet.

Most importantly, before I knew or loved myself.

That's why I'm here to help YOU learn how to ​discover and love yourself, and live a life of ​freedom & joy!

It begins the moment you say yes.


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Megan C. Says:

"Communicating with Sirona is almost ​telepathic, which is the reason I decided to ​get an Akashic Records reading from her. I ​was looking for some guidance moving ​forward with my online business. With ease ​and grace Sirona shared messages with me ​that set many good things in motion ​following the reading. I am extremely ​grateful for Sirona’s ability to relay ​messages of importance. Sirona brings light ​that allowed for complete integration of ​what felt like prophetic revelations."

Laura A. Says:

"I wanted a reading because I was in need ​of some guidance. I was curious about the ​Akashic Records and hoping it could help ​answer some of the questions I had. Sirona ​gave and in depth reading that was ​incredibly insightful & thorough. I would ​definitely recommend a reading with ​Sirona."

Mary A. Says:

"Before my Akashic Records reading, I was ​feeling sad about my situation with my ​boyfriend at the time. I needed answers ​from Spirit. I felt like there was a Spiritual ​blockage and prayers weren't getting me ​the answers that I needed. After the ​reading, I felt confident in my abilities to ​make better choices for myself. I gained a ​sense of renewed strength to not give up on ​my dream of having my divine partner. This ​reading helped me heal."

Shaman Stephanie says:

"I had such a powerful session with Sirona. It ​removed blocks on my journey that were ​weighing me down and brought me clarity ​and healing. I will be booking again."

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